Giving Back to Our Needy Veterans

On December 18, 2000, an explosion at Camp Groomes took the lives of three soldiers. Many were injured, nine of them seriously.
Major (retd.) I C. Fraser the first Commanding Officer of Camp Groomes was alerted to the plight of the nine injured veterans when he read an article in the Kaieteur News on June 13, 2017 featuring these veterans. He immediately initiated the “Camp Groomes Initiative” to raise funds to aid these unfortunate veterans.

I was contacted by I C. Fraser regarding the initiative. The members of our association without any hesitation threw their support behind it. A total of $5,000 US was raised, of which our association contributed $2,000 US. Our contribution was raised from donations, a Bar-B-Q, and a raffle held at our 2017 Christmas dinner and dance.

We had hoped to have the funds distributed before the end of the second week of December 2017, in time for the Christmas celebrations, but due to logistical setbacks, it did not occur.

Our member Oscar Benjamin and Beverly Somerset the Welfare Officer of the Guyana Legion are to be commended for contacting the injured veterans and arranging for the distribution of the funds which took place at the Guyana Legion on February 28, 2018.
The ceremony was attended by the President of the Legion as well as other executives.

All of the recipients expressed their gratitude for the money they received and some were overwhelmed by the generosity of the veterans in Canada and the USA.

We wish them well.